Cheap Hotels In San Francisco

One of the most beautiful cities in the US, San Francisco is a hot tourist destination in the country visited by a large number of tourists every year. Known for its art, rich heritage and culture, beautiful landscapes and architecture, the city is a hilly and liberal town that offers a lot of fun opportunities to its visitors.

Up and down are two main directions you will see here in abundance. What's more, the vertical streets on the city that may look confusing at the first go can lead you to the best scenic attractions at San Francisco Bay, the Golden Gate Bridge and so on. Places such as Angel Island and Alcatrez that offer spectacular scenic beauty are some of the places you must visit. What's more you can enjoy some of the spectacular waterfalls, hiking trail, and beautiful green landscapes in San Francisco.

But you would be wondering about the places to stay there? Well you can find the most beautiful and renowned hotels in this hilly and well panned town. However, San Francisco is one of the most expensive cities too and therefore it is important that you research properly online before booking a hotel. The Hotel Search facility of these online sites can many times help you find a discounted hotel in this crowded city.

Let's now look at few of the famous San Francisco hotels:

Hotel Photos Villa Florence: Located at the central place near most of the San Francisco tourist places, it offers a numbers of attractions and amenities that make its guests comfortable. The hotel is Wi-Fi enabled, offers complimentary wine tasting facilities and has an Italian food joint in its premises.

Hotel Photos Campton: Located just next to the Union Square, China Town, Nob Hills, and Theatre District, this Hotel is a part of the Taj Group. It offers facilities such as high speed Internet access, cable car facility, and French cuisine food court.

Hotel Photos Kensington Park: Situated half a block away from Union Square and the Powell Street cable car s and less than half a mile from San Francisco Museum of Art. Not only does the hotel provide wireless access to its visitors, it also has a theatre and a restaurant in its premises.

Hotel Photos Grand Hyatt: Located at the Union Square itself, the hotel is close to Nob Hill, Westfield San Francisco Centre, and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Offering live entertainment sessions and spectacular scenic city views, the hotel comprises of 685 guest rooms equipped with facilities such as high-speed Internet access and mini bars.

Handlery Union Square Hotel: Another hotel located at the Union Square, the hotel is well known for its cable cars facility and offers world class boutique shopping experience to its guests. Not only this, it is surrounded by the fine art galleries on all sides and is very near to the theater district. Designed in a European style, the Handlery Hotel provides the best amenities to its guests along with a warm and friendly atmosphere.

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